Tall buildings provide space for living and working. Elevators enable people to use this space. Consequently, building and elevator planning should complement each other. Layered Zoning of buildings and multi-deck elevators enable efficient buildings and optimal elevator performance.

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This website promotes the exact planning and innovation of groups of elevator for tall buildings. The planning and performance of groups appears to be a difficult problem, however, it is a logical and simple task, if you use the evaluation methods of this website.

Please critically check the methods and data of the EXCEL workbooks that reveal the performance and configurations of groups. If you find faults, illogical conclusions or explanations please do inform the author. On page downloads he will report, subject to mutual agreement, corrections, comments or questions in an agreed message.

Reports of existing buildings, which are very efficient, or the opposite, are of great interest. Please use the Contact Form below to start a personal communication.

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