Tall buildings provide space for living and working. Elevators enable people to use this space. Consequently, building and elevator planning should complement each other. Layered Zoning of buildings and multi-deck elevators enable efficient buildings and optimal elevator performance.

Brief outline of the author’s engagements in elevator contracting.
The initiator of this website and author of its book project “The planning and performance of groups of elevators” is Pieter J. de Groot. After studying electrical engineering at the MTS in Haarlem, Holland, he joined the Schindler group in Switzerland (1957) as a sales engineer.
In 1959, he worked six months for the Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd (JEC) the Schindler agents in Hong Kong. In 1960, he returned to HK as sales manager of the JEC elevator division. This was the start of many years of engagement in elevator contracting in Hong Kong and other cities in the Far East and Australia. In 1972, he returned to Switzerland as Schindler Area Manager for Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and most countries between these two areas, i.e. countries with Schindler Agents, who were independent elevator contractors. (About 1977, the areas Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh transferred to another Area Manager.)
In his new role, he initiated and managed the formation of the joint venture Jardine Schindler (Far East) Holdings SA (1974) and in 1980 the formation of Schindler Lifts (Australia) Pty Ltd. He was a member of the team that participated in the discussions that led to the joint venture China Schindler elevator Company.

After a change in the top management of the Schindler group, the author’s role changed, which led to early partial retirement. Although this was not a happy end, in retrospect it was a good way to retire.