«Elevator companies provide false, misleading and incomplete information about the planning and performance of groups of elevators. They ignore the inherent relativity of group characteristics, i.e. do not apply this knowledge to optimize group planning nor to improve the performance and efficiency of group controls. Consequently the planning and installation of inefficient groups continues.»

The initiator of this website and author of above-mentioned book has done his utmost to induce elevator companies to adopt the inherent relativity of the characteristics of groups of elevators. Although not one elevator company has denied the inherent relativity of group characteristics, nor its potential to facilitate optimal group performance, elevator companies apparently continue to ignore this knowledge.

An elevator is a simple device, however, a group of elevators presents a complex problem:
Optimal group performance requires exact control of the mode of car operations under all traffic conditions.

The efficiency and performance of groups is of concern to all people, because inefficient groups waste substantial amounts of energy, time of passengers, and building space. To bring these facts to the attention of the general public, and in particular to building owners, architects, and students of architecture, the author has launched this revised version of his website. For further information, please refer to pages introduction and downloads.

March 2019: Breakthrough for group planning.

The revised Chapter F introduces Stress tests, which disclose the performance data of any group for all traffic conditions. Traffic simulations enable confirmation of calculated stress test data. This combination of methods facilitate the exact planning of groups for specific performance data. »

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